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The company Ondrejka & Partners, s.r.o. advokátska kancelária is a Law Firm. Our priority is an endeavour to provide the clients with the top quality of legal services in a required area of law.

The services provided to our clients have the form of rendering long-term legal services or individual legal advises, or as pleading one’s case in court proceedings. We are established in the territory of the Slovak Republic and our registered office is in Zvolen.

Our activities are focussed primarily on provision of legal services in the areas covering the commercial law, civil law, criminal law, industrial law and family law. We cooperate with other lawyers and solicitors throughout the Slovak Republic and abroad, with court executors, notaries public, external colleagues (trustees in bankruptcy and restructuring, auditors, accountants, interpreters and translators, forensic experts, etc.) so that we could provide our clients with legal services of top professional quality. Provision of our legal services is closely connected with the use of a guaranteed electronic signature.

The Ondrejka & Partners, Ltd Law Firm is covered by professional liability insurance against damage caused by attorney-at-law activities under the insurance policy entered with the Wüstenrot Insurance Company; our insurance coverage being Eur 1,500,000.00.

Information duties of services provider

Business name: Ondrejka & Partners, s.r.o. advokátska kancelária (The Ondrejka & Partners, Ltd Law Firm)
Legal form: Limited liability company
Registered office: J. Kozáčeka 5, 960 01 Zvolen, Slovak Republic
Company registration number (IČO): 47 235 985
Tax identification number (DIČ): 2023357754
VAT No. (IČ DPH): SK2023357754
Bankers: Tatra banka, a.s.
Bank account number: 2925864803/1100
Registration: Register of Companies of the District Court in Banská Bystrica, section: Sro, inlet No. 20958/S
Registration entry at the Slovak Bar Association – Lawyer Licence No. 4597
tel./fax: +421 (0) 45 536 66 03
mobile phone: +421 (0) 918 727 187
Insurance: Wüstenrot Insurance Company, insurance coverage in the amount of Eur 1,500,000.00

More detailed information on lawyers activities, remuneration for provision of legal services, acts of legal services and legal regulations related to attorneys-at-law and provision of legal services may be obtained from the web page of the Slovak Bar Association - www.sak.sk or at the address of the Slovak Bar Association, Kolárska 4, 813 42 Bratislava.

Deciding on what business activity suits you best is critical. Most frequently a prospective entrepreneur selects between acquiring a trading certificate of self-employed sole trader, or establishing a limited liability company. This depends predominantly on a number of partners; as business based on acquiring a natural person´s trading certificate may not be established with some other partners. The partner assumes only a limited liability equal to the amount of unpaid equity, while the sole trader’s liability is covered by his/her entire private property.

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The divorce of marriage is a major decision not only affecting the life of spouses but, predominantly, the life of their children. Closely connected with divorce, however, is the proceedings on adjusting the relations to the minors following the divorce of marriage. The divorce is only the first step; by contracting the marriage the community property of spouses is established; and thus property partition becomes often a key problem after divorce.

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The sooner the creditor starts to claim the due receivables from the debtor, the more likely it is that the effort is successful. The debtor may, by his/her steps, circumvent the enforcement of debt. The enforcement of debt by referring the case to courts is not always necessary. Unless a voluntary out-of-court settlement is reached, the debt may be set-off against the claim or assigned to a third person or secured by using any of the applicable securing instruments.

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Any transfer of real property is always accompanied with risk. The transfer of proprietary right, however, is not established by paying the purchase price but a resolution of a cadastral office on permission to registration to the Land Registry is required. Of great importance in this case is verifying the seller and his/her proprietary relationship to the real estate and technical condition of the real property and the fact whether the real property is not subject to any burdens.

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The constitutional complaint may be lodged by any person asserting the breach of his/her fundamental rights and freedoms; such complaint to be submitted within maximum two months following a lawful decision or advice note of a measure or notification of any other intervention. The proceedings before the Institutional Court is not subject to paying the judicial fees but the claimant must comply with the obligation of being represented by an attorney at law before the court.

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Ondrejka & Partners, s.r.o.
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J. Kozáčeka 5
960 01 Zvolen
Slovak Republic
Tel./fax: + 421 (0) 45 536 66 03
mobile phone: +421 (0) 918 727 187